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Obra Parasol I at Studio Block M74

Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay37.jpg

Installation view at Studio Block M74, Mexico City, March 2021

Repetition of a celestial archetype (Obra Parasol I)



What do you see when you look up?

We imagined a painting that offers refugee in its simplest form: a parasol.

We desired a flexible and enormous space that provided shadow.

How does this celestial landscape look?

We brought two skies, two spaces that inhabit one,

They share the parasol, like vignettes that capture different times.

There is a visible sky and an invisible sky.

The invisible sky is so big we cannot portrait it all.

What we cannot see we imagine.

We give it form with abstract shapes that flirt with the symbol.

Is it a circle or a planet? It’s both, and more!

It’s a coming and going between what you know and what you wish to know.

Between what’s yours and what’s ours.

Between saying and suggesting.

Obra Parasol_invitación.png

Invitation to the inaugural reunion at Studio Block M74 

Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay34.jpg

Installation view at Studio Block M74, March 2021

Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay35.jpg
Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay41.jpg
Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay36.jpg
Obra Parasol I_Foto Ruben Garay40.jpg

Installation views at Studio Block M74, March 2021

Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2033.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2035.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2052.JPG

Installing Obra Parasol I at Studio Block M74, March 2021

Reunions underneath Obra Parasol I at Studio Block M74

Reunions under of Obra Parasol_8476.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2076.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2184.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_1966.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2094.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_1973.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2209.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2180.JPG
Reunions under of Obra Parasol_2099.JPG

March 2021

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